The company GCDesignArt offers a full range of high-end interior design and renovation services for prime residential properties and delivers complete projects for developers and property investors throughout Tuscany and abroad. Most recently, GCDesignArt completed projects in Lucca, Viareggio, Megève, and Montecarlo, providing the high-quality service that is required for those types of luxury properties. Franco and Giulia Canepa provide an outstanding level of service, always exceeding clients’ expectations not only by understanding their needs and aspirations and translating them into the creation of luxury custom homes, but also by improving the functionality and usability of the properties they design. In their projects, they use hand-crafted pieces made in Tuscany and love to work with local materials, such as Carrara marble, and to refurbish and re-use design items salvaged from antique buildings, such as flooring and stones. Giulia Canepa designs limited-edition pieces, created custom with rare materials, beautiful finishes, visual elegance, and exquisite craftsmanship, and she assists architects and other designers in bringing their ideas to life through the work and vision of the artists and artisans in Pietrasanta and Florence, the centers of an ancient tradition of high-quality craftsmanship that originated in Tuscany during the Renaissance. GCDesignArt displays its deep connections to the art world in all of its works and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways for clients to integrate art into their homes.